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We act as an adviser, expert witness, and expert determiner within the fields of outsourcing and IT. Our services support you, your legal team, and the court in asking the right questions. They are answered insightfully to bring clarity and just resolution.

Oareborough brings precision, diplomacy, confidence, and experience. A report that is credible to the court or tribunal is balanced. This duty is fulfilled with tact and patience. We are aware of the emotional effect on clients of undertaking litigation.

As current practitioners in service delivery, we keep up to date in emerging technologies such as AI. Context also changes, digital transformation currently being widespread. Maintaining currency is vital in the rapidly changing field of IT. We have developed requirements, written software, managed programmes, and conducted procurements. We have also operationally recovered services where they have failed.

Some expert services organisations seek to maximise the number of cases processed, charging royally for the privilege. At Oareborough, we love our work, caring for our clients as they go through what is frequently a stressful experience. We delight in interaction with leading Counsel and Solicitors and seek to avoid over-commitment. Whilst we do this for our own personal reasons, we think it also leads to earlier and better outcomes for our clients. The engagement of an expert is a significant one that is frequently influential for the outcome of a case. It involves the commitment of a high degree of trust. We always respect this deeply. This approach is a good fit for some, not for others.

Our experience includes delivering some of the world’s largest IT services, major applications delivery, and business process outsourcing (BPO). We have acted for parties in multiple countries, tribunals and courts.

Expert Reporting

Project Delay

Analysis of project delay, qualitative reasons and quantification. Our work draws on a knowledge of delivering IT and outsource projects. We understand the interactions and dependencies, project and programme management, application development, delivery, and test. A compelling story makes the connections clear to the court.

Fitness for Purpose

Fitness for purpose in application, business requirements, test, architecture, governance, project and service management. We have particular experience in large-scale delivery (up to £250m a year). Also multi-vendor services, agile methods, cloud services, software engineering, and professional competence. A good fit delivers the expected business benefits and satisfies contractual obligations.

Intellectual Property

Software review of algorithms, delivery methods and similarity of code. Web sites and email domains. License terms. Examination and reporting of copyright, patent and associated rights. This has included work in games development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Disputes concerning the design, training, delivery, implementation of AI systems. Data science, machine learning, analytics and data management. Compliance, performance and bias.

Services Sourcing

Investigations concerning the specification, procurement, selection, evaluation, and associated processes for IT and outsourced services.

William Hooper’s Experience

William spent more than twenty years working for IT and outsourcing suppliers before joining a major international management consultancy. He then established Oareborough Consulting. In the course of this he investigated and recovered several troubled services.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Imperial College London and a Master of Business Administration from London Business School. William is a chartered engineer, a fellow of BCS The Chartered Institution for IT, a chartered management accountant, A Certified ScrumMaster and maintains continual professional development. He has completed a Machine Learning course given by the University of Stanford.

William trained as an expert witness and expert determiner with The Academy of Experts and the Expert Witness Institute. He maintains professional development with these institutions as well as the Society of Computers and Law, BCS, ACM, TDN, and others. As a Council Member of The Academy of Experts, he supports the promotion of good practice in that field.

He has given oral evidence, been cross-examined, investigated, and reported for courts and tribunals in multiple jurisdictions.

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Blob Person with Question Mark scratching headPlease call +44 7909 958274 or use the Contacts form for a free initial consultation. Early action can help to refine the issues, complementing your legal advice. It assesses the likelihood of obtaining a good outcome, helping you manage vulnerability.

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“As a student you are judged by how well you answer questions. In life, what is important is how good your questions are.”

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