The way in which someone works is critical to assessing whether they are a good fit to the particular need and situation. Clients and others have said the following about working with us:

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Resolve Disputes

I have had the distinct pleasure and luck of working with William on a long running commercial court case that required expert input. I have found William to be exceptionally professional and detailed in his approach. Both his subject matter knowledge and his experience and knowledge of what is required of independent expert witnesses are superb. He has brought real value to the case and is a pleasure to work with. He is very prompt in his responses which are always carefully considered. In our experience he interacts very well with opposing legal teams and opposing expert witnesses. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Sam S. Solicitor

The matter of X v Y settled at mediation and I am sure your report did assist in bringing the settlement to a level which pleased our client.  Thanks again for your assistance in the matter.

Claire S. Solicitor

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent manner in which you have dealt with the task of producing this report.

In particular I would like to thank you for the immediate, detailed and patient responses to our communications, for having kept us appraised as to the progress of your work at all stages, and for producing a detailed report addressing every issue on which we have sought your expertise.

Counsel, whom you will meet in court when you will give your oral evidence in this trial,  has asked me to also thank you on his behalf for your work so far.

Should our Firm or any other colleague in the profession ever require the services of an expert in your field I will not hesitate to highly recommend you.

Diana V. Solicitor

I am pleased to inform you that XXX won the lawsuit against YYY. According to the court judgement YYY is liable to refund USD4.5m and interest to XXX.

Your report was one of the key facts to convince the court that XXX committed fraud and the source code submitted has no value. Thank you for your contribution.

Mikayil M. Legal Representative

I recently obtained an independent expert report from William concerning a dispute that had arisen with an external software developer. I found him to be extremely approachable, patient, thorough and commercially pragmatic in his whole approach to understanding his brief and clearly reporting his balanced analysis of the situation.

Lee D. Solicitor

Invigorate Performance

Excellent engagement of the stakeholders at all levels – very high quality end of programme feedback and lessons learned produced.

Jacqui G. Head of Operations

I have worked on the transition from one incumbent supplier to a new ITO with the work led by William Hooper.  Throughout this work, the team have been diligent, attentive to detail, clear in communications, and thorough in the processes necessary to ensure the Authority met its own obligations and carefully tracked those of the supplier.  This was achieved by being robust with the outgoing incumbent, maintaining an excellent relationship with the new supplier and recommending areas to enforce changes where necessary.  Delivery was by a combination of local team and offshore administrative and analytical support to achieve rapid response, balanced with good value.  William was an integral member of the client team and relied on to inform key contractual, commercial, and service delivery decisions.  I would have no hesitation in recommending William’s support to other organisations.

Nick R. Director of Digital Services

William’s attention to detail, planning, business and commercial knowledge has really helped get the team to the best possible place.

Jayne E. Director Live Services

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Form Service Relationships

William was the customer representative on an IT Outsourcing contract. We worked very closely together in determining the parameters and acceptance criteria for key milestones on the programme. I found William a pleasure to work with. His style is one of precision, yet pragmatism. He understands the need for clear requirements and balances this with practicality and an understanding of the overall strategic picture.

Lloyd S. Supplier Commercial Manager

William showed his ability to accurately and innovatively craft a proposition and think strategically, drafting and creating the programme….I found William to be conscientious, proactive and focused on  business value as opposed to the mechanics of creation that so many people overly focus on.

Maggie B. Sales Director

Very sorry to hear of your impending departure, especially as you have brought a modicum of sanity, some acute insight and no small measure of humour to proceedings thus far. I send our very best wishes to you for your next engagement!

Ian S. Supplier Commercial Manager

Transform Business

The critical success factors for the programme were to build process integrity, adherence to process by the people, aligning the people and the leadership. The future state of this programme had to be identified quickly, built and delivered to demanding timescales without damaging the business. This proceeded very competently and delivered an aligned solution that is a significant step change for [the business]. This objective has been met. William has led with a huge amount of personality and demonstrated many positive personal values. He is seen as a huge asset to the organisation and we are very grateful for his contribution.

Jacqueline P Business Change Manager

The future state of this programme had to be identified quickly, built and delivered to demanding timescales without damaging a unique part of the business. This proceeded very competently and delivered an aligned solution which was a significant step change. People and attitude had to be changed with alignment of the leadership team.

Paul F. Operations Manager

I have found William to be an excellent programme manager. He has provided a clear vision for the transformation programme and his passion for its delivery is motivating for the team and client. He manages the stakeholders well, targeting their individual and collective needs to obtain buy-in and support.

Sam S. Delivery team member

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