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Yours is a business that needs to change the way it uses IT.  Services must adapt and perform. It is a priority to increase the value of these services to the business. You thrive through building justifiable confidence in well-formed service relationships founded on trust. We make it easier for businesses to work with their strategic partners throughout the service life-cycle. This results in lower cost, higher performance and improved alignment to your strategy. This is achieved through effective engagement of your suppliers’ capabilities.

We help you to form new service relationships, to put your strategy into action. When business need and service diverge, we help you recover performance and relationship. We combine strategic insight with practical experience to deliver change that works and is sustained.

We have delivered some of the world’s largest IT services and major applications as well as Business Process Outsourcing.

Sourcing Advisory

We help you select your strategy and run the process of sourcing for you. This is based on clear thinking, rigour, method and drive. This delivers a strong agreement, a service that takes your business forward and captures savings.

Invigorate Performance

We run transition and transformation for you, getting the best from your suppliers and assuring obligations are fulfilled. This delivers effective applications, services, governance and relationships. The business gains high service performance and the capability to keep it working. We use our combination of technical and strategic knowledge to help you deploy new technologies such as AI effectively.

We have worked with Service Integration and Management (SIAM). Our experience includes cloud-brokering in clients seeking to move towards the application of DevOps with Agile. We have also delivered under more traditional Waterfall techniques that still have their place.

Recover Relationships

In the event of a break-down of performance and trust, an impartial third-party can help to restore performance and trust. Investigation and reporting addresses what happened and who made which contributions. Resolution involves addressing the parties’ desired outcomes and developing a path towards a state that both can accept. We can work in a variety of roles, supporting your business and legal team.

Transform Business

We support you in setting direction and defining the capabilities needed. You need a convincing approach, plan and coherent actions to deliver major change. This supports stakeholders and the organisations they lead, communicating the vision and capturing benefits. We understand the technical elements and coordinate these as part of the programme.

Much of our work has involved digital transformation, in which new technologies are exploited to bring innovation to business models to sustain a competitive lead. We use our combination of technical and strategic knowledge to help you exploit new technologies to the full.

Business Transformation involves many elements of the business in the coordinated delivery of change. There are significant demands of the sponsor and leadership team to establish the vision and commit resource. We guide and support you through a structured method supported by research and practical experience. This supports you in leading your organisation as rapidly as practicable to deliver benefits and manage risks.

William Hooper’s Experience

William works in the delivery of transformational change, supporting his clients in capturing the greatest benefit from their IT and BPO services. His work combines strategy, sourcing advisory, operational delivery, financial and commercial aspects, including the resolution of disputes. Assignments have been in financial services, central and local government, police, healthcare, insurance, education, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and engineering. He has supported both internal service provision and the development of sourced services.

William has worked with leading outsourcing providers and PA Consulting, a management consultancy. He is a chartered IT professional (CITP), qualified accountant (ACMA), chartered engineer (CEng), an experienced project and programme manager, is skilled in service management. He is a fellow of the British Computing Society and holds an MBA degree from London Business School. As a leading Service Integration and Management (SIAM) practitioner, he was asked to join the international group that together wrote the “SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge”.

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By defining a clear vision and objective, those involved in delivery know what is required of them, the outcomes sought and the value of delivery. They can then make intelligent choices when faced with the need to take decisions.

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