a broken heart

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow: Managing Service Exit

Juliet’s farewell to Romeo was full of remorseful kisses. For some approaching the end of a sourcing agreement, the move cannot come too soon. How can you minimise the pain of partition? Most attention is paid to transition in. Here we look from the perspective of the terminating operation. Why Exit? Most agreements run their…

Hand reaching through reports to a computer

Numbers, Numbers Everywhere

Many a governance body and service manager sees themselves as drowning in report data, but intelligence to inform decision-making and drive the business forward is elusive. How to get to brief, succinct relevance that informs and drives performance? Samuel Taylor Coleridge related his Rime of the Ancient Mariner in which the grey-beard loon narrates his…

Two heads with connected thought

“Mind the Gap!” Business’ Relationship with IT

Business users and IT (and other services) departments love to be rude about each other. Mutual incomprehension and worse frequently reign. What can be done to establish and maintain a healthy relationship and the high quality of service alignment? The gap between Business and IT has long been deep. IT people too often have little…