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Inside Change

What are the practical measures that need to be taken to establish belief in change and to manage it successfully? William Hooper reports from inside a service transformation. This article was originally published in Business Strategy Review Issue 4 2013 and is reproduced with permission. Inside Change_Business Strategy Review {Click on the link for free…

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“Mind the Gap!” Business’ Relationship with IT

Business users and IT (and other services) departments love to be rude about each other. Mutual incomprehension and worse frequently reign. What can be done to establish and maintain a healthy relationship and the high quality of service alignment? The gap between Business and IT has long been deep. IT people too often have little…

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Project Delusion

Projects have been running over-budget and late since the Pharaohs built their tombs. Since then, good practice has been published and qualifications have been established, so why do projects and programmes still go wrong? Whilst most projects slightly over-run, a significant minority goes catastrophically bad, even sinking their host companies. What can you do to…